To help you cope with the lack of bowls during these strange time we offer you a variety of activities to keep your brain working and to keep you in touch.

Skips challenge : A set bowls situations to get you thinking. Select from the list below:
Challenge 1: Singles, 4 bowl
Challenge 2: Singles, 4 bowl
Challenge 3: Fours, 2 bowl
Challenge 4: Triples, 3 bowl
Challenge 5: Singles, 4 bowl
Challenge 6: Singles, 4 bowl

Where’s the Wood : Work out where the bowled wood will end up. Points will be awarded and a league set up with a prize when we get back together. There will be a new one each week. Click here to access the competition.

Title-tattle : Read and contribute articles jokes etc to keep us all amused and/or inspired. There are competitions/puzzles too.Click here to encounter some light relief.