2018 Photographs

Annual Presentation of Awards

CTBL Champion of Champions

2018 Trophies

Runners up for the Norma Shaw Trophy for TLL Ladies Triples

Ladies 2 Wood Winner

Marie Clark Runner Up

Marie Clark Winner

More Fun and Games (2)

Ladies Pairs Runner Up

Ladies Pairs Winners

Mens 4 Wood Winner

Mixed Pairs Runner Up

Bring and Eat

Waiting for a Go

Auchtermuchty Trophy winners

More Fun and Games

Target Practise

Fun and Games

Mens Supporting Ladies

Committees Player of Year – Joint

Friday Night Averages winner

League Player of the Year

TLL Norma Shaw Runners up

Charlie Rowden Joint winner

Mix and Match Winner

Silver Bowl winners

Thistle Shield Winner

Whistle Stop Winners

Gardner Cup winner

Mixed Pair Winner

Mens 2 Wood Runner Up

Mens 2 Wood Winner

Mens Drawn Pairs Winner

Race Nite

A Winning owner

Other Winning Owners’ wives

We won

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Auchtermuchty Trophy

The teams

Training with BDA


Obstacle course

Using the target board

TLL Triples Runners-Up

Yvonne, Margaret and Ella: TLL Triples Runners-Up

Charlie Rowden 26th August 2018

Charlie Rowden winners Kevin Taylor & Geoff Douglas


The “Green”


Match in progress

Thistle Trophy 5th August 2018

Thistle 2018 Winners

Thistle Competitors

Thistle 2018

Silver Bowl 16th July 2018

Silver Bowl winners : David Stafford & Keith Webster

Mix & Match 10th June 2018

Jean wins Mix & Match Trophy

The winning team


Opening of the green and Whistle Stop Match 15th April

Peter Frost, Chairman of Norton Sports Charity bowls the first bowl of 2018


Opening of the 2018 Season by Peter Frost


Opening Whistle Stop Competitors 22 April 2018


Jennifer Parkin and John White: Opening Whistle Stop Winners 22 April 2018